LabVERDICT offers a full range of anatomical pathology services. Our staff operates around-the-clock to deliver your results quickly. LabVERDICT processes a number of requisitions each night, delivering on time results to our clients.

At LabVERDICT, our philosophy is focused on the well-being of patients. We believe even small improvements in our laboratory profession can have a major impact in patient outcomes; it’s our obligation to constantly seek out better ways of doing things— from a simple blood test to a complex analytical panel. We work closely with our clients, medical groups and research partners to share knowledge and ideas and come up with the best solutions for meeting our clients’ and patients’ needs.

LabVERDICT has a dedicated staff consisting of both board certified pathologists and laboratory staff that take a specialized approach in the area of urologic pathology area. Specific protocols enable us to make the most of the small amounts of tissue usually available. We offer experienced pathologists in genitourinary diseases including diagnoses of the following:

• Prostate cancer

• Kidney disease

• Cancer of the bladder

• Specialty biopsy services and other urologic conditions


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